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Diploma In World Travel And Tourism Management

The diploma in world travel and tourism management course includes basic and advance knowledge in the travel industry with professional skills.

The course offers various aspects in tourism that would be beneficial for the students where knowledge takes becomes effective in the travel PR tourism industry.

The course is designed in a manner which covers entire travel domain like understanding of fares, creation of electronic ticketing in Galileo and other management aspects.

The students would be learning roles and functions in travel industry. The course enhances the skills in professional that are must in the field of aviation along with travel and tourism sector.

What Will You Learn in This Travel & Tourism Course

  • The course teaches understanding different types of fare as well rules and applicability of fares that are designed in concern with candidates.
  • Understanding global indicators play a major role while booking flight that might influence or affect the fare of the tickets.
  • Candidates would be learning different aspects of Reservation Booking Designator where booking status is covered.
  • The candidates would be understanding the whole world by traveling the world where traveling geographic learn by the candidates.
  • Travel terminology, airport handing, travel documentation and other aspects are included throughout the course where proficiency should be included.

Why This Training Course is Important 

The course is highly profiled and standardized which has great demand in the world.

On the other hand, upon completion of the course, you’ll receive a completion certificate from a top academy, Flying Monarch Academy.

The diploma in world travel and tourism management is available in a physical mode where practical sessions are included with lecture classes

  • Candidates would be learning travel professionals about holiday packaging as well as learn rules and regulations.
  • The course includes an understanding of aviation, travel, and tourism that covers all major aspects.
  • Learn good customer service and retain the potential interest of the passengers.
  • Students can get to know about VISA, types, and eligibility related to different airlines.
  • Learning soft skills in the field of travel and tourism sector where Global Distribution System is included.
  • Preparation for interview and mock interview.

Global Distribution System

The course includes different aspects related with like,

  • Encoding, decoding of airlines, different cities airline code.
  • Making of PNR and learning different types of PNR.
  • Checking fares like eligibility rules and other aspects.
  • Creation of TST for children, adults, and infants.
  • Issuance, cancelation, refunds, and refunds are included.

Skills Covered

  • Language proficiency skill in English.
  • Improving listening skills.
  • Public speaking.
  • Etiquettes of customer sales and services.
  • Business communication.
  • Sales technique.
  • Skills in MS office.
  • 12 months

    Who can join the course

    The following candidates can join the course;

    • The school students can join this course between 10-12.
    • Undergraduate, graduate can be part of the course.
    • Air transport management
    • Travel agents
    • Travel operator
    • Call center agents.

Why Choose Flying Monarch

Diploma In World Travel And Tourism Management Course

The training is designed in a manner that offers various aspects for travel and tourism interested candidates.

The program is of both modes lecture-based learning as well as computer-based learning where practical classes would be there.

Candidates would be having highly expert trainers who would guide and provide better classes with live examples. Along with this, placement opportunities are offered to the candidates.

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