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Travel Agency Business Management


The travel agency business management course is designed in a manner that provides effective classes in travel agency as well enhancing essential skills in respect with modern aspects.

The course offers various learning parameters of air management, hotel management, holiday package management and other training aspects that would be beneficial to the candidates.

The course offers air ticketing training concerns, make you aware with different rules and applicability of travel agency management.

With having highly expertise faculty in travel agency, candidates can explore their knowledge in the field of travel and aviation.

The candidates learn different aspects in creation of travel agency, how to establish, how to explore your knowledge and professional skills are improvised throughout the training sessions.

The course focuses on major functional and roles in travel agency that reflect your training classes with a advantages.

Why This Training Course is Important 

There are major concerns covered throughout the course that would directly impact on candidates learning of travel agency business management where comprehensive knowledge is covered.

What Will You Learn in This Course

World geography in travel planning;

  • Encoding, decoding of airlines codes, flight codes as well cities code.
  • Learn world maps for facilitating location of countries.
  • Identification of timing and different zone of countries.
  • Making of travel planning, foreign currency and codes.

Travel Formalities

  • The passport or types of passport and visa or types of visa.
  • Essential traveling documents like health certificate and general information.
  • Travel insurance and forex.

Airport Handling

  • Airport terminal, arrival and departure formalities of candidates.
  • Pee flight and in fight passengers facilities.
  • Baggage, allowances and transit areas.
  • Aviation industry and terminology of airlines.

Global Distribution System- Galileo

  • Encoding, decoding of airlines, different cities code and regional aspects.
  • Making of PNR lists, flights availability, displaying flight timings.
  • Checking of fares, availability, displaying fares with respective terms to the passengers.

Hotel products and services

  • Hotel products and types should be covered.
  • Accommodation, availability of rooms and checking fares of the rooms.
  • Factor affecting pricing of hotels, sales and payment term.

Hotel packaging management

  • Different types of tours and tourism components.
  • Domestic and international airlines knowledge covered.
  • Budgeting, reservation of seats, checking availability of tickets.
  • How to manage vendors of car and hotels.

Establishment of travel agency

    • Company registration, branding, profile and marketing.
    • Tie up with other travel agencies for promotion of B2B.
    • Contract with suppliers and sellers of travel agencies.
    • Other domains of modern aviation fields.

The course duration is of 6 months in which initial stage to advance knowledge are covered that would be beneficial to he candidates.

Why Choose Flying Monarch

Agency Business Management Course

The Course has designed its training sessions on the top of travel agency management where there is one vision of making your learning effective.

The training session is in both modes, computer-based training, and lecture-based training where candidates would be getting practical examples in travel agency management. Moreover, having expert faculty lead in the accomplishment of candidates’ goal.

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