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Foundation Diploma in Travel & Tourism Management

The foundation diploma in travel and tourism management course is designed in a manner where candidates can learn modern traveling aspects as well get to know current overview in the field of travel or tourism.

The academy has formulated the course which cover all national and state level travel or tourism domain that would be much helpful to the candidates. The course covers all learning parameters in the field of travel management as well as covering information in relevant industry prospective.

Along with several aspects, the course is job oriented in the field of aviation industry as well tourism sector that make much worthy lifestyle.

Why This Training Course is Important 

The foundation diploma in travel and tourism management course is available on practical training sessions as well available in offline lectures with safety measurements.


  • Understanding different types of fare and rules rented with fare that are in favor of the passengers.
  • Traveling whole world which is dream of every candidate and exploring himself or herself with the world.
  • Candidates would be learning traveling terminology, airport handing and making of documentation related with each flight.
  • The course would teach about global indicators and make your understanding with different fares. Basically, learning different reservation booking indicator.
  • Learning airport transport essential is must in the field of travels and tourism management course that would be learning by candidates.

What you’ll learn

  • Understanding all aspects in aviation industry as well as travel and tourism field.
  • Facilitating better services to the travelers in concern with modern aspects that are must for the candidates.
  • Checking all booking, fares, hostel management, accommodation and other traveling aspects.
  • Learning best customer services and expect customers loyalty which is key term for the candidates.
  • Planning of flight tickets. Checking availability and other major aspects in concern with aviation.

Global Distribution System

  • The candidates would’ve learning coding and decoding airlines, find codes of airlines along with city codes.
  • Fare finding with possible rate and Creation of TST for adult, child and infants.
  • Covering issuance, re issue, cancelation, refunds and availability.
  • Management in airlines queue, understanding the packaging, management of business events.
  • Holiday package would be there for domestic and international flights.

Skills Covered

  • Communication skills-verbal and non-verbal communication.
  • English fluency.
  • Public speaking.
  • Etiquette’s of customer sales and services.
  • Personal growth and leadership quality.
  • Intermediate skill in MS office.

Who can join this course

    • The school students can join this course between 10-12.
    • Undergraduate, graduate and post graduate DA join.
    • Airline reservation agents, call center agents.

Why Choose Flying Monarch

Foundation Diploma in Travel & Tourism Management

The training sessions would be on high-level for interested candidates who have passion for this post. The program has one vision in facilitating practical classes where computer and lecture based learning play a significant role.

Candidates would be having highly expertise trainers a who would be there in facilitating effective training sessions. Along with this, placement opportunities are also there throughout the course.

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