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The air hostess job considers one of the most attractive job options after the 12th where student participation is found in high numbers.

This is the best career option in the aviation industry, especially in India. The eligibility criteria for this post don’t require any highly profiled and devote much time to air hostess post.

A course or diploma is enough in grabbing this post as well a good personality can make you attractive to this post.

Eligibility criteria

There is no such high eligibility and in fact, after the 12th candidates would become an air hostess and focus on major aspects that would affect their life cycle in a positive direction.

There are certain parameters for this post which are;

  • Candidates must be fluent in English.
  • Age should between 19-28
  • The candidate’s height and weight should be according to aviation rules.
  • Good personality by nature.
  • Candidates must have physically fit.
  • Candidates must be eligible for an Indian passport.

How to prepare for Air hostess after 12th

This post includes certain dialects where candidates need to enroll themselves with the institute or academy that would guide and provide you with better training classes for airline posts.

There are the following terms included with training;

  • Communication skills,
  • Body posture,
  • Customer handling,
  • Self-grooming and makeup,
  • Knowledge of airlines,
  • Active listening, etc.

Benefits of air hostess post!

This job is one of the highly profiled aviation posts offering better career options where candidates would be having wide options in making their life effective.

  • Traveling the whole world,
  • High pay scale,
  • Job specification,
  • Internal growth,
  • Less working days and so on.

How to apply air hostess post after 12th

If the candidates have successfully gotten the diploma and course in air hostess then they would be having the benefit of getting job opportunities in different airlines.

This post includes different and advanced training parameters where candidates have to clear each step on achieving their goal that would reach you on your goal.

Eligibility and advanced training must be clear by the candidates for becoming air hostesses.

Being an air hostess won’t be an easy task for the candidates because it involves many responsibilities and accountabilities where candidates would be grabbing their dreams.

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