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Air hostess post is one of the best aviation jobs and candidates admire this post because of various benefits. The salary of an air hostess is the biggest reason to grab this aviation post where candidates get on an average of 30000-40000 per month for the freshers.

When you get experienced as an air hostess for more than 4 years then paying ratio is much high which is 10 times of fresher’s salary. The air hostess is one the most considerable jobs among other aviation posts and candidates get admired to follow this post.

A candidate follows his/her dream because of his passion and earnings which the air hostess job offer during its initial stage which is equal to experienced corporate employees. On the other hand, it looks simple to get an air hostess post but in reality, involves various stages toward an air hostess post.

How can a candidate get paid for an air hostess job?

The average salary of an air hostess post is 30000-40000 per month which is around 4-6.5 LPA, which is higher than any aviation post.

  • The estimated average salary can be higher according to airlines’ pay offer like Vistara, indigo, air India and so on. The salary of each airline differs between 40000-55000 in Indian currency which is more than aviation’s measurement.
  • Apart from it, some other benefits are also available to candidates like leave encasement, extra work payout, traveling and other benefits which make it high.
  • Annually, candidates get an average salary of air hostesses of 5-6.5 LPA which is estimated for fresher candidates who want to accomplish their goals through this post.
  • Senior air hostesses having more than 4-5 years of experience get high paid 700000-800000 monthly as the average salary of an air hostess.
  • The estimated salary of a Senior air hostess can reach from lakhs to crores but it gets paid as 6000000-8000000 annually which can differ from airline to airline.

What are the eligibility criteria to become an air hostess?

The candidates must follow certain steps to reach an air hostess post because it checks qualifications as well as training parameters for the air hostess post.

  • Candidates with 10+2 from any stream should but competent to accomplish all prospective air hostess jobs.
  • Any other diploma course or pg students can apply for an air hostess post where students’ interest should be positive.
  • A certificate of training in air hostess would ease your chances of becoming an air hostess and help in clearing all stages of this post.
  • The candidates must be aged between 18-27 which is the basic eligibility criterion for any aviation post whether it’s air hostess or pilot.
  • Proficiency in the English language is a primary aspect of becoming an air hostess for both domestic and international airlines.

After successfully clearing the basic eligibility criteria for air hostesses, candidates can get a high-paid salary which would be higher than the basic average salary.

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