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When we were child had a dream to become a pilot in India and this is the first dream of many individuals who wants a better life cycle.

Being a pilot is still a dream of many individuals who want a better life cycle in concern with modern parameters.

The pilot post considers the most difficult post in the aviation industry.

The pilot post becomes easy only when you join an academy for better training parameters in a very effective manner.

Who is the Pilot?

The pilot is a part of the aviation industry where a person trained to fly an aircraft and get advanced training of performing several aspects in concern with modern parameters which would be performed by the candidates.

A pilot spent much time in performing all roles and responsibilities which are essential to this post and focuses on major parts for the post of the pilot that would make you proficient in the pilot post.

Eligibility Criteria for becoming a pilot in India

For becoming a pilot, candidates have to clear basic eligibility criteria, those eligibility criteria are given below;

  • Your age should be 18 for pilot training.
  • The candidates should clear 10+2 with minimum scorecards, according to the institutes.
  • The candidates should learn special subjects along with the English language.
  • A medical certificate is a must for all candidates, and must be authorized by higher authorities.
  • If a candidate is a non-science then he/she could pursue the subjects from the national aviation training institute.
  • The candidates must have a good and strong command of the English language.

Step by Step of becoming a pilot after 12th

There are the following steps in further processing with becoming a pilot and steps are a must for the pilot training that would beneficial for you.

Step1:- Pursue a Bachelor’s Degree:-

The candidates are required a bachelor’s degree in any stream of becoming a pilot. On the other hand, candidates require only a diploma and a course of pilot training for commercial pilot posts.

For becoming eligible for this post, candidates must be having a bachelor’s degree for the post of the pilot that would be beneficial for you.

Step2:- Get the Flying Experience!

If you are keen to become a pilot then you should give much time towards your training in becoming experienced for the pilot post.

There are several types of pilot training and each one should give time according to different airlines’ pilot posts.

For the commercial pilots, the candidates have to dedicate a minimum time period towards the training, whereas, for airline pilots, candidates should devote much time to become proficient for the pilot posts.

Step3:- Earn a pilot’s License

The pilot license is the second main factor for becoming a pilot in India where candidates need to grab multiple licenses for a pilot post that would ease their chances of grabbing this post.

There are various licenses involved with the pilot posts and each license contains different roles and accountabilities in performing the work of pilot roles.

The Civil Aviation Authority has categorized different pilot licenses in concern with modern parameters where each license has unique roles. The different licenses are;

  • Private Pilot License (PPL),
  • Commercial Pilot License,
  • Multi-Crew Pilot License,
  • Commercial Multi-Engine Land,
  • Certified Flight Instructor and so on.

Stage 4: Complete Additional Training and Tests

For becoming a pilot in India, candidates have to go through different assessments and tests which are mostly based on an assessment of knowledge and psychological parameters that you are comfortable with pilot training that would be beneficial for you.

Furthermore, this is a kind of altitude test where candidates have to perform several aspects in concern with modern parameters that would be beneficial for you.

Stage 5:- Advance as an Airline Pilot:

Advance preparation is a must for a pilot post that would be beneficial for the candidates who want to grab different career options in concern with modern parameters. The pilot post includes various assessments for becoming a pilot in India!

Stage 6: Where to pursue pilot courses after the 12th?

There are many pilot training schools and institutes in India where candidates would become proficient for the post of the pilot and focus on major parts in enhancing the essential skills in concern with pilot ambition. The candidates can pursue pilot courses after 12th through various institutions and academies.

  • Flying Monarch Academy.
  • Flamingo Aviation styles.
  • Franklin pilot training school.
  • Rio College.
  • Hallmark University.
  • Flight Safety Academy.

Best Indian Colleges!

To become proficient in skills and achieve the goal of pilot, candidates would be having wide options for becoming pilots in India under the supervision of pilot colleges or institutes.

  • Flying Monarch Academy
  • Pondicherry Aviation school
  • National Flying Training School.
  • Indigo Cadet training Parameters.
  • Government flying Curb.
  • Other colleges and institutes.

Types of Pilot Career

Types are included with a pilot career before proceeding with how to become a pilot in India.

Airline Pilot:- A pilot is one who operates airlines to carry the passengers and cargo during a normal course of action as a result this type of career is considered as number 1 for the candidates.

Commercial Pilot:- A commercial pilot is one who operates the airline but carries the passengers and cargo at shorter distances. Basically, commercial pilot works normally in regional areas where internal work is in high numbers.

Corporate Pilot:- A corporate pilot includes flying smaller corporate airlines and jets for private enterprises and individuals in concern with business activities and other forms of business relativities.

Fighter Pilot:- Fighter pilots are involved with aerial combat and military bases.

A pilot of a fighter would be known as a military pilot where candidates are trained to work for the military.

Charter Pilot:- The charter pilot is one that has specially designed for travelers on special occasions or destinations. The charter pilot operates like their own which the airlines consider self-practice.

Skills Required

The candidates who are keen to become pilots in India must have essential skills in concern with pilot posts other than academic knowledge.

  • Good communication skills over English criteria.
  • Critical thinking and a positive attitude.
  • Situational and environmental awareness.
  • Flexibility in operating several works.
  • Teamwork spirit and decision making.
  • Leadership and motivation quality.
  • Discipline Personality.

Major Recruiters

Right education and basic eligibility criteria matter for becoming a pilot in India where competency matters of fulfilling your dreams in this field.

If a candidate has successfully fulfilled the essential eligibility criteria then he or she would become a pilot in India. Now, we are moving forward to discuss major recruiters for the post of the pilot.

  • Air India
  • Indigo
  • Air Asia
  • Vistara
  • Air India Charter Limited
  • Spice Jet
  • Air Costa

Salary of Pilot in India

The pilot post salary has high monetary value as compared with other aviation posts where candidates would be wide career options as well.

Basically, if a candidate wants high-paid job options then the pilot post considers one of the fast-growing aviation posts.

The commercial pilot has a good salary package of nearly 2-3 lakhs per annum.

On the other hand, if a candidate wants many high-paid jobs so he/she should make his/her career as an Air force pilot.

The salary for this post starts at 8-10 lakhs per annum.

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