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The candidates who have a passion for becoming pilots have certain objectives and visions to make their life much worthy.

While the pilot post has several benefits in form of vacation laws and paid leaves candidates can get a great advantage from it.

A pilot is required to give an average of 70-80 flight hours per month and these working hour can be changed according to different airlines like Vistara, Jet Airways, Air India, and so on.

On the other hand, the pilot post offers a minimum of 12 to 15 days off monthly over the normal working hours.

Here, we are ml moving forward to discuss types of employability that describe vacation laws and paid leaves for the post of the pilot.

Regular employment

Under this, the candidate’s work is a must which is held on a daily basis where candidates are required to perform the following task in a very effective manner.

Project Pilot

The candidates are responsible and assigned a specific task to perform within a limited time period. This is based on a contract basis and the contract terminates when particular work is accomplished.

Seasonal employment

This kind of employment is performed on a yearly basis like weather forecasting and the employability gets terminated after a certain time period.

On the other hand, this considers regular employment where candidates have to work regularly but for a limited time period.

Fixed employment

The candidates are agreed with the employer’s contract which is fixed to perform the activities within a prescribed time period.

An employer can’t force a candidate for termination unless the consent of an employee.

Probationary Pilot!

Under this, higher authority in itself hire candidates for the post of the pilot on a trial basis. During the trial period, an employer has the right to determine whether the candidates qualify or not for the post.

Yearly vacation laws and paid leaves benefit!

Different airlines have different leave procedures for their pilots, in keeping several benefits like employees’ welfare and others.

Service Incentive Leave

This leave depends upon the working parameters of the employees who have worked a certain time period around 1 year of working in the airlines which lies airlines to airlines.

The employees get 4-5 days as a service incentive after a certain period which will not count as vacation leave because it I’d different from other leaves.

Paid Sick Leave

The sick neither counts as paid leaves nor as paid one in the eyes of law. Basically, some Indian airlines have certain values that welfare the interest of the employees.

Most airlines paid as a sick leave with keeping candidates welfare. There are few airlines that don’t Facilitate paid sick leave but mostly do.

Maternity leave

The aviation industry follows this as a statutory provision for women pilots. It takes much time for a woman to revive from giving birth and during the pregnancy period.

Paternity leave

This leave is provided to very men with a newborn baby to take some time off after their spouse. Minimum days of leave are granted as paternity leave to men pilots for spending much time with the family.

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